The Pizza Calculator


With the
Pizza Calculator,
Ordering the right
amount of Pizza for
parties has
never been easier!

Just ask each
person what they
would like on
their pizza and
the Pizza Calculator
will optimize
your order and
tell you what
you need to order.

Works with the
iPhone and iPod Touch.

For March Madness

Only $.99!


How it Works

  1. Select from over 30 items and specialty pizzas for your portion of the pizza.

  2. Add another person and repeat
    until you have asked everyone.

  3. Click on Calculate.

  4. Select how much pizza each
    person is going to eat.

  5. The Pizza Calculator optimizes
    the ingredients so you get the
    right amount of pizza, while
    satisfying everyones hunger.

Pizza is a universally loved food. And we often order it for groups because it is such a crowd-pleaser. But few things get messier than trying to order pizzas for a group. Notice how many people shrink away from the placing the order – and who could blame them?!

But with the Pizza Calculator on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will eagerly take on the task of determining who wants what toppings and how many pizzas to order? This handy application simply takes in each person’s desired toppings and calculates how many pizzas of which size and with what proportion of toppings need to be ordered

For best results, each person should include 2-3 items.